• Friday , 27 January 2023

Fire department raises $500 for Muscular Dystrophy

Photos Peachland Fire and Rescue

Joanne Layh

The Peachland fire department’s eighth annual Tree Chipping for Charity event raised approximately $500 for Muscular Dystrophy Canada last Saturday.

Members of the community were invited to bring their Christmas trees to the Community Centre, where fire department volunteers offered Christmas tree chipping and disposal by donation.

The fire department also had free hot chocolate on offer as well as fire trucks on display for younger families to enjoy.

Volunteer firefighters chipped 43 trees, including a dozen that were collected from people’s homes for an additional donation.

“It gives our residents a spot to drop their trees off locally and to be dealt with appropriately and not just dumped off in the bush or the side of the road somewhere,” said Peachland fire chief Dennis Craig. “And any money raised is a successful event, the way I look at it.”

Eight volunteer firefighters donated their time and effort to the fundraiser. The tree chipper was provided courtesy of West Kelowna’s Nor-Val Rentals.


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