• Friday , 27 January 2023

Tow company waiting for safer conditions

Joanne Layh

A vehicle that has been in Lake Okanagan since Dec. 27 will remain there until a tow company believes it is safe enough to recover, according to the Kelowna RCMP.

Last week the male driver of a 2015 red Cadillac went into the lake on the south end of Peachland, along with three passengers.

According to RCMP media relations officer Cst. Mike Della-Paolera, the driver may have fallen asleep and there is no investigation beyond that.

“Thankfully there was no injuries,” said Della-Paolera.

There has been some speculation among residents about why the vehicle remains in the lake a week later.

The tow company is waiting until they believe it’s safe enough to recover the vehicle, Della-Paolera told the View.

It’s believed the road might be slippery and the road surface will become icy from the spray off of lake water at this time of year.

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