• Thursday , 1 December 2022

Pumpkin and candy wrapper advice

Peachland View

The Regional District Waste Reduction Office is once again encouraging residents to compost their old jack-o’-lanterns post-Halloween.

“Pumpkins are great to add to your composter because they’re high in nitrogen,” says waste reduction facilitator Rae Stewart. “If you cut them into small pieces and add some fall leaves, they will break down much faster than leaving them whole. By next spring you’ll have a great nutrient rich soil amendment to add to your garden or lawn.”

If you don’t compost, another option is to put unwanted pumpkins into your curbside yard waste cart, which will continue to be collected until the end of December.

Stewart also suggests residents consider using pumpkins in baking or soup making if they’re still in good condition and free of debris or damage from the elements. 

The RDCO is also reminding residents that while candy wrappers can’t go into your curbside recycling cart, they can be returned to the nearest recycling depot as part of the flexible packaging recycling program.

For more information on composting, yard waste or recycling collection programs visit rdco.com/recycle.

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