• Thursday , 1 December 2022

Thank you, Peachland!

Thank you, Peachland!

I promise you I will not let you down.

We’ve got moms who need childcare, young families who need affordable housing, a town that needs common sense development to grow, families who want sewer for their homes, a family up at Karmont Farms who needs some red tape removed so they can provide a winery for Peachland, and Peachland kids who just want to play on Peachland teams with their Peachland friends and classmates when they are starting out in little league and soccer.

I swear to God we’re going to fix all of this, working with a supportive mayor and council.

To the folks and friends who selflessly have served Peachland for many years, Mike Kent, Pam Cunningham, Cindy Fortin and Keith Fielding, my thanks and gratitude for a job well done.

It takes a lot of courage and commitment to step up and serve and Peachland is better off because of you.

To my fellow candidates and friends, thank you for having the courage to step up and serve. My dad boxed before the war and said there are always those who will fight, only with their mouths, from the safety of the stands.

You are amongst the few who had the courage to put your name into the ring of public opinion. We are all better off for having people in the community like you.

Let’s move forward, committed to make our little town on Okanagan Lake, Peachland, the best it can be.

Randey Brophy, Peachland

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