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Question for the candidates: Why should residents vote for you?


Keith Fielding

My track record from two previous terms as mayor, clearly shows that I have the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to deliver tangible results and to deal effectively with the complex range of issues we face going forward. At the front end of current priorities are issues that scream at us: the housing crisis, the need for sewers, sidewalks, road improvements, source water protection, child care and many other social and infrastructure needs. As your mayor I will never lose sight of these priorities or the actions needed to secure federal and provincial support and funding to address them. However, neither will I lose sight of a key strategic question facing our community:

Will the look, feel, and character of “future Peachland” be decided by the residents of Peachland, or by the ambitions of developers and the personal views of councillors?

I believe that the next four years will be critical in determining the answer to that question. We need a council that values community engagement and the policies and plans that derive from it: not one that is content to abandon the Sustainable Downtown Plan when its provisions become inconvenient, or one that ignores the need to clarify vague and ambiguous statements in our OCP to prevent “surprises” such as the under-construction giant on Beach Ave.

What Peachland needs from its mayor is effective leadership: leadership that values community engagement and seeks to unite us; leadership that manages conflict and disagreement through respectful, fact-based dialogue; leadership that calls on us to listen to one another, to problem solve, and to learn; and, most importantly, leadership that ensures we know where we are as a community, where we want to be in the future, and how to get there.

That is the leadership I will provide if elected as your mayor.

Patrick Van Minsel

After four years on the council, I am ready for the role of mayor.

I always come prepared and open-minded to every council meeting and attended 100 per cent of all regular council meetings.

I believe it is time for a change in leadership.

Peachland residents are aware of the challenges that have arisen in governance and have brought many important community issues to my attention, in person, by phone, by email, and most recently via my online survey. Inflation, taxation, housing, the parameters of development, and fiscal responsibility; the prudent and transparent stewardship of taxpayers’ money are just a few of the challenges affecting Peachland residents. These challenges require a different strategy, with more approachable and effective leadership.

I see the role of a mayor as being a leader who empowers his council and works with them to serve the community best.

A facilitator who brings stakeholders together and finds consensus and solutions.

A communicator, not just between council and staff but most notably between the council and the Peachland residents. Someone who expands and builds bridges and strong relationships with other local governments, the provincial government, and the federal government.

A mayor must be transparent, fiscally responsible, and prudent with taxpayers’ money.

I bring to the table a solid financial background (Degree in Economics and Mathematics and a Bachelor of Accountancy and Taxation) and proven team leadership skills, with critical and solution-oriented rationale.

In preparation for my mayoral duties, I visited 1,900 Peachland homes (and counting) and spoke with more than 1,000 residents. These conversations gave me insight into the expectations and priorities of our Peachland residents.

This is what I heard:

  • Maintenance and repair of municipal roads;
  • Sewer;
  • Sidewalks on Trepanier, Ponderosa and Princeton;
  • Purpose build development: long-term rental units, attainable housing for families and seniors, and an assisted living/long-term care facility;
  • Update the underlying zones and bylaws from the Official Community Plan to set a height and setback for the developments proposed for the frontage of Beach Ave (use the height of the Gateway building (Bliss) as a starting point;
  • Fiscal responsibility and transparency; and
  • Improved communication.

Momentarily I am on a leave of absence from my employer. If elected, I will not return and concentrate full-time on the mayorship.

On Oct. 15, please consider me when you vote for mayor.

Cindy Fortin

I have always been very hard-working and dedicated to this community. I have the knowledge, commitment, and experience needed to continue to benefit our community, and have cultivated positive working relationships with those at the higher levels of government, who I often speak with when advocating for Peachland. In the last two terms we have received the highest dollar amount in grants (in the million$) in our 110-plus year history, combined. (So that we don’t have to rely as heavily on property taxes.)

Successes during my time as mayor include our new water treatment plant; affordable seniors housing; the acquisition of Turner Park as a legacy for this community; Peachland Pier (working with the Peachland Pier group); lake level management review (underway); new financial institution; Hwy 97 improvements in place; new medical centre (supportive role); and amenities, such as the skate park, pickleball courts, ice rink, splash pad, and WIBIT.

I have developed positive First Nations/Indigenous relationships/partnerships, including a Memorandum of Understanding with Westbank First Nations.

I am chair of both the Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Change and Peachland Healthy Watershed committees, and vice-chair of the Okanagan Basin Water Board. Protecting our environment and source water protection are important for all of us, and future generations, and I hope I can continue with this important work. Peachland has been the “Make Water Work” community champion three times in the last five years.

My vision for Peachland includes an updated water master plan and sewer connection plan; a healthy watershed and source water protection; moderate development and a new Beach Avenue plan in consultation with the public; affordable housing for seniors and young families; advocating for more childcare spaces; a parkade downtown; and a commitment from MoTI to make safety improvements to Hwy 97 (not four-laning) while keeping the idea of a future bypass alive.

My bio, multiple committees, successes and vision for Peachland can be found on my website: mayorcindyfortin.com, as well as in my brochure.

There is so much more positive work I’d like to do for Peachland, and I ask that you re-elect me – Cindy Fortin – on Oct. 15.



Alena Glasman

Why should residents vote for me? Well, I have 350 words for this..and I know I won’t use them all, so here goes.

In June of 2020, I was really a nobody in this town, just another new resident in Peachland.  In just over 2 years, have assisted in creating and moderating many online neighbourhood groups in Peachland, and my name is known to promote community engagement.

I bring to the table the ability to spend responsibly. I have proved this with my campaign. To date I have spent $57 in campaign expenses. I have hand made every sign posted in town, I purchased and built my own website. I used media for its created intent..to share information.

I am articulate in my questions of accountability and passionate in my approach to finding solutions.

In the last week, I have been told I am well spoken, articulate, intelligent, and I keep my word. That I am integral, respectful, responsible and passionate.

I genuinely hope those are reasons enough.

I look forward to serving you on Council.

Pam Cunningham

Why I should be elected for council 2022, I bring eight years of experience and passion to the table. I do my research before any meeting and vote with an open mind, never having a pre planned decision. I have lived in Peachland for 21 years and I consider myself a huge volunteer in the community as the World of Wheels is a very large event that I have put on for the past 10 years.I would love to see a community vision for Peachalnd that would not divide the town or council. In saying that I feel we need to consider all points without just rubber stamping , I also enjoy a good debate on all items that come to the table.I am always available to respond to our residents as you do see me at all events and I am happy to listen at any time.I will never make promises that I can’t keep and I know that I can’t make everyone happy , but I try my best. I know that there are some big items that residents have concerns about as do we and I feel that we have been and are proactive. The fire hall is something that we need as we have never had one , only the old public works truck parking building that really makes it hard for the department to function at an optimal level. Housing is important for young and old , affordable or obtainable, I feel this is a whole separate issue that needs a closer look at to find balance. I know what my vision for Peachland would be but that is not a decision that can be mine alone. I hope that Peachland comes out to vote and that the results are what they want, and I wish all the candidates the best of luck I know that everyone’s heart is in the right place.

Randey Brophy

After obtaining a Commerce/ Economics degree at SFU I had a 30 year career at TELUS as a Senior Product Manager, where I successfully introduced over 140 products and services.

During the same time, while also coaching my children, and the community’s in soccer, baseball and softball, was elected  president of the 2nd largest youth soccer club in Vancouver, for 7 years  and to the Board of Vancouver Youth soccer for 6 years.

Since moving to Peachland in 2015, I have:

Taught 240 Peachland children to play soccer & baseball at the Community Centre

Coached youth soccer in West Kelowna for 7 years.

Been Santa at Peachland’s “Breakfast With Santa “for 7 years

Created the 1100 member Facebook group “Peachland Matters”

Led a community group opposed to a 5 storey building on Beach Ave proposed without proper consultation.

Negotiated successfully with HUB this year to ensure their new facilities left a regulation softball 275 foot field at Cousins Park, thereby saving softball there.

Presented to Council the year the successful proposal, that Turner Park include full sized baseball, softball and soccer fields in its initial development.

I have both the business background and work ethic to evaluate development proposals made to Council and expedite grant applications to Provincial governments because I have spent a career making business proposals myself in the private sector.

I am running for Council because we are at a crossroads in how we develop our beautiful unique town. We need an agreed upon common sense development plan, bylaws that enforce the plan and a fundamental willingness to include and listen to the public.

Every study, survey and OCP I have seen says 3 storeys on Beach Ave 4-6 behind Beach. We need a new council that simply listens to the people’s wishes, instead of feeling, somehow, they have a mandate to change them.

Instead of reacting to development initiated by a developer, we need to proactively initiate development, negotiating with government and developers to obtain the affordable housing childcare and new buildings, eg a small hotel, that we need

We need better management of our civic projects and tax dollars to avoid present cost overruns, needless expenditures and unnecessary delays ( Water Treatment Plant, Splash Park.)

We need less reliance on outside consultants, (Turner Park) and more inclusiveness and reliance on the expertise of our citizenry.

We need to retain and expand our parks.

We need to find a way to increase sewers and sidewalks, through better relationships with the grant approving provincial government

We need to step up and ensure that Peachland children can play team sports, on Peachland based community youth teams, on Peachland fields,

If you want someone who will listen, with a proven record of research, planning, speaking up, showing up and doing the actual work to help better their community, then I ask for your vote.

I have a multigenerational commitment to Peachland as in addition to my wife, one of our daughters, her husband & my 2 young grandsons also live here.

I won’t let them or you down in making Peachland a better place to live

I promise you, I will do my best.

Mike Kent

I am a longtime resident of Peachalnd and am raising my family in this wonderful community. I care deeply about the social and economic welfare of Peachland and its residents. I envision a vibrant future for Peachland as a progressive small town with modernized infrastructure and amenities that contributes to community livability. My skills and experience on council will help move Peachland towards this goal.

I firmly believe in fiscal responsibility and prudent economic planning. Throughout my eight years on council Peahcland has maintained tax increases that hover around 2 per cent. Even when national inflation rates rocketed past 8.1 per cent and other governing organizations implemented high tax raises, Peachland council implemented a 2.27 per cent raise while maintaining service levels.

I have been a staunch advocate for the environment and for full protection of Peachland’s watershed from harmful logging practices. If re-elected I will continue to support policy and initiatives that aims to protect our environment, our watershed and source water.

I believe it is council’s responsibility to recognize that affordable/attainable housing is imperative for both the social and economic health of the entire community. I will continue to work to ensure that there is a variety of housing options that meet the housing needs of a wide variety of community members of varying income levels.

I will endeavor to assist Peachland seniors and families by continuing work on securing the return of a full time medical clinic to the community.

I view expanding sidewalks, greenways and paths as a priority. Due to the enormous expense associated with this type of infrastructure I recognize that Peachland needs strategic planning to best implement this goal.

I have always been a friend to Peahcland’s business community and volunteer organizations. If re-elected I will continue to foster an environment where Peachland business thrive and a reciprocal relationship with volunteer organizations flourishes.

Community safety and crime reduction is a high priority. I support increasing police presence in Peachland.

I believe that Peachland should update the Official Community Plan and related documents every five years to ensure it accurately reflects the current vision of the community. It is also important to develop supporting growth management strategies to examine policies and planning for the orderly and appropriate growth of the district. To achieve this requires community engagement so all residents will have the opportunity to provide input that will help shape future growth management strategies and Peachland’s approach to growth in the years to come.

If re-elected I will continue to work to ensure the community is not divided by a four lane expansion of the highway, a preferred alternate route is constructed and Hwy 97 improvements are implemented by MOTI.

I will focus on moving the Ponderosa Golf Course project forward. I view this as a cornerstone development and amenity for Peachland.

Please consider casting your vote for me on Oct. 15 and let’s move Peachland towards a bright future.

Moira Goodman

I’m a newcomer to the community who has loved getting to know people and pets. I am ready to make a difference for the citizens of Peachland. Preservation of green spaces, protection of our watershed, proper spending and encouraging citizen involvement are important for a thriving community.

Your vote is your voice. If you feel unheard, then it is time for a change. I can bring new energy and ideas. We all need a council that reflects the diversity of Peachland. I have worked with many diverse groups listening and sharing ideas. Being on council is not about my vision for Peachland, it is about your vision.

Everyone brings value and should be encouraged to participate with the growth of new ideas. I hope to strive for fairness with all sides being  considered. New people can look from a different perspective.

Peachland is not without its problems and these need to be addressed. We have a beautiful piece of paradise here and it needs to be protected. Everyone who ventures above hwy 97 knows our infrastructure is in need of attention and action. Our watershed needs our community protection and direct action. Our spending needs to be transparent, this builds confidence your tax dollars are spent wisely, benefiting residents.

When you cast your vote ask yourself “Does your current Mayor and Council align with your vision for Peachland?”.

In closing, thank you to each of you who opened your door to chat and to those who stopped by to say “hello” and share ideas and concerns. I wish each of the candidates the very best.

Your Newest Voice for Peachland

Rainer Udala

My wife Jan and I moved to Peachland in 2010, we started our first business in 2011 (Beachride Rentals ) across from Bliss Bakery, our second and third businesses in 2015,  Beach Ave Cafe &Tapas Bar and Beach Ave Paddleboard Shop. In that time we became acquainted with many residents, made many friends and went through two elections.

Before and after the local elections when residents visited our businesses we heard the concerns of residents and of the business community as well. Most of those concerns have been constant, the growth of our community, infrastructure, services ( medical clinic) and Hwy 97.

I will bring my traits of hard work, tenacity, leadership and knowledge of the concerns of the community to the table. I will work as hard for the community as I did promoting Peachland at our businesses. Peachland is in a time of change and I would like to be apart of the new team that moves Peachland forward. Should you decide to vote for me I will work for Peachland just as I did in our businesses.

Nick Walsh

I retired to Peachland in 2015 because, like many of you, I realized that Peachland was simply the very best place in this province to retire to, or to live in.

What I observed over multiple council terms was a gradual decay in service delivery and fiscal accountability.  After spending 6 years analyzing the issues, I have to conclude that Peachland needs some help.  To be clear, I don’t think the issues arise from any deliberate effort to run us down.  I believe it is a case of “you don’t know what you don’t know!” From what I can tell, everyone was doing their very best.

The reason I believe that I can help is that I have 35 years experience in government where I developed policies, wrote legal briefings for the deputy minister, conducted labor arbitrations, designed software and learning systems for the Corrections Branch, and saved the government over $70,000 per month in training costs.

I am a systems researcher and solution provider.  I believe I can help put Peachland back on track by reviewing process flow controls and codifying the bid acquisition and approval process.  I further believe that I can bring much needed relief to the permit acquisition process involved in development permits.

And finally, I believe strongly in hearing the voices of the electors.  I don’t shut people down, turn them off, or cut their microphones when they have something valuable to add to the conversation.  I strongly reject any form of process manipulation just to ensure a desired outcome.

Honest, open, and transparent is the only way I conduct business. With that, I would love to serve the people of Peachland.

Keith Thom

i would like your vote as I believe I can bring a combination of past experience on council as well as decades of business acumen.

I would like to see the downtown core restricted to 3 floors.

90% of Peachlander’s do not live on Beach Ave and sadly our infrastructure like roads, sidewalks and sewers are in need of updates and expansion of the sewer system.

I believe I will bring logic and common sense to the Council Table.

Rick Ingram

​3 Reasons to Vote for Me

  1. I think.

What I care most about is the health, happiness, and prosperity of our small town.  The issues that must be addressed are often multi-faceted and require thoughtful and considered approaches to find the balance between the needs, wants and fiscal realities a small town will inevitably face. My background running multiple companies over 30+ years provides me with the needed skills.  My answers will not be reactionary, and I will take the time to talk to residents, to hear the many points of view, I will research the topic and I will seek out expertise when needed.   As a councillor you can expect that I will be prepared, well informed, fair, and balanced.

  1. I do the work.

You have likely seen my name linked to several volunteer efforts in the community.   The Wellness Center, The Peachland Hub, The Firehall Advisory Committee, Tourism and Economic Development Committee, The Peachland Recovery Task Force (remember the Drive in Movies?), and the Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Change to name a few.  I volunteer for activities that I feel are important and I get my hands dirty.  Peachland depends on our volunteer organizations to deliver so many important community programmes and I want to do my part.   What ever I get involved with I am deeply hands on.  As a councillor you can expect the same level of commitment.

  1. I share your vision for Peachland.

I chose to live here for the same reason many of you did – Peachland’s unique small-town charm and character.  Peachland is full of passionate people who have voiced a desire to have new development meet the community’s expectation for scale, density, form and character.   My platform in the last election and in this one is the same – to align the Official Community Plan and our Bylaws with the Sustainable Downtown Plan to give both you and the development community the certainty needed to move forward.  As councillor you can trust that I will continue to support development in alignment with these goals and will encourage those in the development community who agree with these principles to participate in the building of Peachland.

Kevin Bennett

I have decades of experience as a Strategic Manager, business owner and entrepreneur. I was a Software Engineer and Business Analyst for many years, designing and implementing business systems for large corporations. My work for the Mining Industry was praised in the Canadian Houses of Parliament.

I’m an adventurer at heart and my passions are cave diving and rough travelling in sketchy places, usually by motorcycle. I’m married to a lawyer, who keeps me grounded so I no longer get to travel for months at a time, but I do sneak off for a month or two each year, most recently to Colombia.

I want to execute the Peachland Sustainable Development Plan – a plan that is the will of the people. Written in 2010, it calls for 600 new homes and 16,000m2 of commercial space to be built using a Garden Community concept. The Garden City concept creates livable neighborhoods, not tenement blocks or sterile subdivisions. It calls for neighborhoods to be social spaces, filled with public amenities for interaction, including greenspaces, parks and cafés. Peachland has three issues, all solved by implementing the Sustainable Development Plan: • Increased Tax Base so we can start to afford sewers, sidewalks, elder care, day care and recreational facilities. • Attainable homes for care aides, day care workers and local employees. If we want our children and grandchildren to live near us there must be attainable homes for them. • Beautification. The downtown is overdue for redevelopment and the plan calls for a beautiful garden community with shopping mews, artisanal workshops, social spaces, cafes, restaurants, and greenspace. A walkable community with places to sit and chat, a place for concerts and plays. It is a livable garden. I am an entrepreneur, creator, and something of a “bulldozer” so I have the passion and energy to execute the Sustainable Development Plan; it’s a beautiful vision, and it helps solve our tax and housing issues. It’s time to build.

Terry Condon

I am a multi term Councillor and as such am familiar with the genesis and history of many  of the District’s issues and challenges..I have applied my knowledge, skills and abilities as best as I know how to help provide guidance and advice to problem solving for the District.

I am thorough, pragmatic and energised and will apply myself in the future much as I have in the past..

David Collins

Residents should vote for me if they think that:

  1. I would do an excellent job at the council table on their behalf.
  2. I have a good grasp of the issues and challenges facing Peachland.
  3. I am willing to listen to their concerns.
  4. I want good sensible development but not insensitive development.
  5. I have the commitment and energy for a 4 year term on council
  6. I am a team player that can work well with my colleagues on council.
  7. The issues I am passionate about they share in common.

I have made a case for the knowledge I have regarding urban land economics, planning, zoning and development – form/character/density/setbacks and style. As these are issues commonly addressed by council, I can lend an informed opinion at the council table.

I am proactive, having led the Peachland Chamber of Commerce for four years as President, I have a collaborative leadership style, trying to bring out the best in everyone. As the next council will have a heavy workload and tough decisions to make, a pro-active can-do attitude will help focus and prioritize the issues that need to be addressed.

I have discussed many issues that I am passionate about during this campaign. Especially for neighbourhoods above Highway 97 and north of 13th Ave. Road maintenance, sewer funding, sidewalks on major arteries, traffic lights at Trepanier Bench, affordable housing, daycare for working families, protecting our drinking water, Turner Park improvements and last but not least OCP Review and an update to zoning bylaws that reflect the OCP. I have heard from many of you that these issues resonate with what you want as well.

I have done my best to convey that I love my community and would see it continue to improve and flourish. I hope you feel that I am worthy of your consideration for councillor at the ballot box on October 15th. Thank-you very much!















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