• Thursday , 1 December 2022

Council candidate Moira Goodman

Moira Goodman and her husband chose to live in Peachland through family connections. They are currently building a single home on Sherburn Road which hasn’t come without numerous delays and problems. Moira is currently retired, and her professional background is in education and coaching. She has many years of experience within contract negotiation and representation. She loves Beach Avenue but wants to make sure that communities on the other side of Hwy 97 are also looked after.
She is concerned about road repairs and considers that Princeton Avenue is particularly dangerous with inconsistent shoulders and without sidewalks. She is also concerned about the other roadways that are poorly lit and lack the ability to direct rainwater to the drains causing further erosion to the shoulders of the road.
Moira wants to encourage community participation and wants to bring a balance between growth and protecting Peachland’s beauty. She believes that clear communication and bringing facts forward will eliminate rumours and fear around development projects. Moira was upset by the cost overrun for the splash park on Beach Avenue and considers fiscal responsibility and accountability to be vital in getting the confidence of the community.
Moira has been knocking on doors in neighbourhoods and has heard many concerns expressed including the limited opportunities for youth activities in sports and employment. Her principal platform is fair representation for all residents to cultivate a community that feels confident engaging and sharing their ideas. She believes that by embracing our differences we can make our community stronger.

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