• Thursday , 2 February 2023

BC Senior Games 2022

Linda Nicholas

7:15 am start. One minute apart. Mom and I and the other competitors patiently waited for our turn to be pushed out of a red trailer on to a ramp at the word “go” (like the pro’s)!

One of my fellow competitors, Rozemary started one minute before me. Mom was waiting for her turn, which would be several minutes behind me. My only goal was to catch Rozemary and pass which I did on loop two of four. She was so strong on the downhill that I knew if it was going to happen it had to be on an uphill.

We did four loops totalling 15.4 km.  Mom got gold of course and I did not podium. I didn’t expect to as I was riding my commuter bike because I’m used to “her;” “she” has more gears than my road bike, my neck and shoulders don’t get sore and she makes me smile. I wanted to have as much fun as I do when cycling for errands (even though I know she is a good 10 minutes slower than my road bike).

The two ladies in the 85-89 age group have said every year, “We aren’t doing this next year. We are too old.” But the next year there they are again. They are amazing ladies from north of Kamloops. When mom said she would be in their age category soon they said, “that’s a good time to quit!”  We all laughed because they are not quitters.

We met some amazing people who were participating for the first time and we shared a lot of laughs before and after the event.

Road Race 

Tomorrow is the road race. We drove the route after the time trial and it is beautiful. Sheep. Goats. Rainforest. Rolling hills. Curves up and curves down.  I am looking forward to it. I have four laps (8.8 km laps) and mom has three laps.

Hill Climb

Saturday morning is the hill climb. It will be a grind without a doubt. Worse than Princeton Ave but only 2.4 km. I’ll be thinking of Peachland when I grind up.

I hope it inspires you active seniors to participate. It really is a lot of fun. The more the merrier!  Go grandma! Go grandpa! Or volunteer and cheer. Join the fun.  It’s in Abbotsford next.

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