• Sunday , 25 September 2022

Council candidate Rainer Udala

Rainer Udala. Photo Contributed

Retired entrepreneur Rainer Udala is hoping he will have a chance to make a difference on Peachland council this year.

Udala might be best known in Peachland as the original owner of Beach Avenue Rentals and the Beach Ave Cafe and Tapas Bar, each of which he made successful before passing them onto other entrepreneurial minded people.

Now retired, Udala has remained busy renovating a new home, but feels that he could make a difference by serving the community on council.

The Udalas moved to Peachland in 2010 and in 2011 opened Beach Avenue Rentals.
The serial entrepreneur hopes to bring a business sense to council.

“One of the biggest things I want to address is infrastructure in this town. Sewers would be a big one and sidewalks. I think we need the sidewalks. I passed half a dozen people walking on Princeton and it is dangerous. There’s a lot of traffic.”

Udala says they need to find revenue not through taxes or government handouts but through being more creative about how they create monies for infrastructure.

“When we do go to the government for handouts, we need to have a solid base of financial ability, not just asking them to fund the whole thing,” said Udala.

Among Udala’s priorities is the need to achieve more growth in the downtown area that will offer something to local businesses; he believes if more people lived downtown they would shop in their local community. 

Udala sees the focus on building in the back end of downtown rather than right on Beach Ave as by putting larger buildings next to the highway it would cut off noise.

“People have watched me. If I say I’m going to do something, I get it done,” Udala told the View. “You need to contribute in some way to society and I feel like this is something I can do.”

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