• Friday , 3 February 2023

Council candidate Alena Glasman

Peachland resident Alena Glasman has put her name forward for a seat at council this fall.

While Glasman is a relative newcomer to Peachland having arrived in June 2020, she first visited Peachland in 1996, fell in love with the place and promised if anything else, they’d retire here.

Glasman’s background is in the fitness industry: she owns a pole and aerial fitness studio in Calgary and is a founding director of Pole and Aerial Fitness Instruction Commission of Canada (PFIC), which certifies instructors across the country.

She is a firm believer of a community led/informed government.

Glasman says she’s an open book and wants to hear from people about how they feel about things, answer questions and be a friendly middle face for them. 

When it comes to development, Glasman says we need to stop looking at it like we’re a big city.

“We have to find a happy medium. I don’t understand why everyone is so on this densification of Beach Avenue. 

Beach Ave is busting at the seams already. We have a huge district that we can utilize to perform densifications. It doesn’t need to be 10-storey buildings.”

Glasman pointed to the 84-unit multi-residential building proposed for Clements Crescent as an example of achieving densification away from Beach Ave.

“I’m standing for sustainable development, which to me means that our children, our grandchildren and the future families of this town are going to be able to afford to live here and to be able to afford to sustain what we have done today. Is that going to be able to be done with what they’re looking at? That’s what we need to pay attention to.”

Glasman’s other priorities include fiscal responsibility, accountability, full disclosure, transparency and communication. 

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