• Friday , 3 February 2023

Council candidate Rick Ingram

Joanne Layh

Originally from Ottawa, Ingram received a Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science) from the University of Waterloo followed by a career as a software entrepreneur and technology/business development consultant before moving to Peachland in 2016.

Since 2015 Ingram has been directing his energies to understanding climate science and in 2017 he joined the Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Change.

Ingram says Peachland needs to work both independently and together with other valley municipalities to reduce our GHG footprint and strive for net zero carbon.

He’s also involved with a number of other community organizations, including the Peachland Wellness Centre, where he’s currently a director. Ingram is also vice-chair of the Tourism and Economic Development Committee. vice-chair of the Peachland Hub Society, a board member of the Bulyea Firesmart Community, and a member of the Peachland Recovery Task Force and Fire Hall Advisory Select Committee.

If elected to council, Ingram says he’ll make decisions that will allow Peachland to grow in a fiscally responsible, environmentally sensitive, and community inclusive manner that protects and enhances Peachland’s small-town character.

Ingram believes Peachland needs development projects in the downtown core to revitalize the area and to enhance and diversify our tax base, provided that they respect and enhance the town’s small-town character.

Development proposals should only be approved if existing infrastructure (water plant, sewage system, electrical grid, road capacity and parking) can support it; if not, approval should be conditional upon infrastructure upgrades, according to Ingram.

He would like to see height restrictions for Beach Ave “aligned with the OCP and the spirit of the Sustainable Downtown Plan.”

Other priorities include affordable housing, watershed protection, active transportation, wildfire risk reduction and support of the protective fire services building in the upcoming referendum.

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