• Thursday , 2 February 2023

Van Minsel releases platform and survey

Coun. Patrick Van Minsel. Photo contributed

Joanne Layh

Mayoral candidate Patrick Van Minsel officially released his campaign platform on Tuesday, along with launching an online survey to gather public opinion about various issues.

On the leadership front, Van Minsel promises to establish a strong team with the elected councillors and the district staff to achieve consensus that will create a defined plan of action.

The platform states he aims to build relationships with other levels of government to secure infrastructure funding for sewers, roads and sidewalks, advocate for a reliable second electricity transmission line to Peachland, receive improved local medical services from Interior Health, and partner with the province for affordable housing.

Priorities outlined include improving planning department permit response times, avoiding cost overruns on the protective services building, transparency around the use of taxpayers’ dollars, and reducing dependence on outside consultants by taking advantage of staff and residents’ expertise.

Van Minsel says he will deliver a balanced approach to development and responsible rezoning to accommodate growth.

He promises to engage and listen to the community and address the needs of all neighbourhoods above Hwy 97 as well as downtown, including consultation for downtown revitalization.

The platform also states the municipality should explore expanding its boundaries to incorporate more of the watershed, as well as lobbying for responsible logging practices. 

As a long-time Peachland Chamber of Commerce employee, its unsurprising that Van Minsel promises to work with the local business community to improve the local economy and create jobs.

This week Van Minsel also launched a citizen survey for residents to share what local issues are most important to them. 

The survey asks residents for their opinions about spending money on sidewalks, a bylaw review, updating the OCP, maximum building heights on Beach Ave, dog parks, Turner Park amenities, sewer connection and municipal service satisfaction.

“I believe that listening to residents is the number one priority,” said Van Minsel.

“This is why I am asking as many Peachland residents as possible to take this survey, to really better understand what their main priorities are.”

The survey can be found at patrickvanminsel.com/take-the-survey. 

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