• Thursday , 2 February 2023

Councillor Pam Cunningham seeks third term

Councillor Pam Cunningham. Photo District of Peachland

Joanne Layh

Councillor Pam Cunningham announced this week that she’ll be seeking a seat at the council table for a third term.

“I was a little bit on the fence about six months ago but I had a lot of positive people saying, ‘you should run again,’ and I agree with them. With COVID it feels like we did half a term,” Cunningham told the View. “I love being on council, I love Peachland, I love everything about it. There are some bumps in the road sometimes and you can’t make everyone happy, but I try. I live here, too. I’m a resident, so when people think we’re going to do something and mess up Peachland, why would I mess up Peachland? I live here.”

Cunningham says she tries to be on the side of common sense.

“I like that we look at every development as an individual instead of just rubber stamping or having a box it has to fit into, because that discourages some developers. I like the fact that we are working with developers now. In the past we had a bad reputation for not being so kind to developers so I’m glad that that’s turned around. Everyone says there’s nothing to rent. We’re getting rentals, and they’re right beside the elementary school. It’s perfect. I think we need to fill the need.” 

Of all the council achievements, Cunningham says she is particularly proud of the splash pad. 

“It took eight years to get that. As we all know, it’s wheelchair accessible so when I saw a child in a wheelchair leaving the splash park, it made me super proud and happy that we got that done.”

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