• Sunday , 25 September 2022

Nicholas knew how everything worked

Dear Editor,

How wonderful to read, in last week’s edition, Linda Nicholas’ recollections of her 28 years working for the District of Peachland, but sad to know that she will be leaving. I was a member of the six-person Centennial Committee, charged with organizing and encouraging events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Peachland’s Incorporation back in 2009, as well as urging various businesses to create and market Centennial Souvenirs.  

A goodly amount of these endeavours involved Linda’s Operations Department, especially getting items and news up on the Peachland website, and so I was often at Linda’s door up at the Public Works Yard with requests.  

No matter what else Linda had on the go, she always welcomed me with warmth and helpfulness. 

There is a wonderful motto – It’s not why we can’t, it’s how we can, and Linda was the very epitome of that approach to doing things. She seemed to know how everything in the municipality worked and she used that knowledge to be helpful. Since those days of Centennial, there have been other occasions when I have needed information or help, and that warm and ready helpfulness has always been there.

Even though I thought I knew Linda quite well and knew that cycling was a passion for her, I did not know that she regularly cycled up Princeton Avenue to come to work. That is impressive indeed!

The words that “she will be missed,” so often used when someone retires or leaves seem very inadequate to describe Linda’s leaving, but hopefully it will be the prelude to a wonderful and long retirement doing all the things that were not possible for her as a working person. 

I wish her all the best!

Don Wigfield, Peachland

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