• Monday , 26 September 2022

Four-storey “tower” on Beach not moderate

I have a few things to share with fellow Peachlanders.

First and foremost I just love Peachland!

Second how do we keep Peachland Peachland?

My family and I moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Thunder Bay, Ontario and then to Kelowna when Kelowna was Kelowna. 

We moved to Peachland because Kelowna was becoming just another big city with big city problems.

If we consider approving the kind of projects that will replace Todd’s campground then Peachland is on the next train to overdevelopment.

How do we keep Peachland Peachland?

We take our rights and privileges to vote seriously.

We take an active role in finding out who is running for office in the upcoming civic elections and take them to task on how we want Peachland to look like in 10 years.

Is there an infrastructure capable of more and more development?

We should have a tax base capable of supporting what we have and building new and necessary projects like the proposed fire hall!

When is enough enough?

Vote – vote and let’s keep Peachland Peachland.

Moderate development is not a four-storey tower on Beach Ave.

Jim Kenny, Peachland

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