• Sunday , 25 September 2022

Boater inspection station

The OASISS team met up with the Penticton Mussel Defence crew just outside Peachland earlier this month. Photo Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott, OASISS

Earlier this month, staff with the Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society (OASISS) met with one of B.C.’s Invasive Mussel Defence Teams at an inspection station located on Highway 97C just outside of Peachland. The two teams shared information on their respective jobs, and OASISS staff were able to see firsthand what happens when travellers arrive at a station with watercraft.

OASISS has been working to raise awareness about invasive mussels and other aquatic species for the last decade in the Okanagan Valley. Our work is supported by the Okanagan Basin Water Board. The staff interact with boaters at launches and set up information booths at farmers’ markets and community events. Youth are also targeted through presentations and games at summer camps.

Since 2015, the B.C. Government has been working to prevent the introduction of zebra and quagga mussels into the province. Prevention efforts focus on inspecting boats, monitoring lakes, educating the public and coordinating actions with neighbouring jurisdictions. 

If you are transporting a watercraft in B.C., it is mandatory to stop and report to all invasive mussel watercraft inspection stations along your travel route. Failing to stop at an inspection station can result in a fine of $345.

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