• Monday , 26 September 2022

Welcome boating visitors

Hello. So, I read the article in the July 29, 2022 Peachland View, and I feel compelled to comment:

Absolutely no boats of any size should be “hogging” the day wharf, and yes, this is something that certain individuals have repeatedly gotten away with for years. Others obtain and pay for moorage, or trailer boats out of the lake.

There should be hefty tickets left for those abusing the timeline of the day wharf usage, impeding the sharing of the wharf with others.

If there is a 10 or 20 minute drop off period, that certainly is not adequate. Countless people come to town by boat from all over and visit the restaurants and pubs for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, ice cream, shopping, farmer’s market, gas, etc.  

A more adequate timeline should be two hours; sufficient time to eat and/or shop. 

We are members of the boating community, and this is something that we are repeatedly told people love to do. These boating visitors are spending good money in our town to support our businesses.

A discussion that many of us have had over the years is the concept of charging for moorage spots, just like street parking. They do this at Kelowna Downtown Marina. You tie up in one of the hourly spots, grab your ticket from the parking meter, and place it face-up on your dash.  They charge $5 for 30 minutes or less, $10 for one hour, and $5 for each additional hour. 

There could be a two-hour maximum stay. And heavy fines for exceeding that. This is all done by credit card these days, so no cash collection would be necessary. This could be a summer job for a local student to monitor on weekends and evenings. We could follow a similar model, and the town would make additional funds to pay for marina maintenance. 

So yes, good riddance hogs, but welcome boating visitors!

Sandi Rusch, Peachland

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