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Mayor Fortin seeking re-election

Joanne Layh

Over the weekend Mayor Cindy Fortin announced via Facebook that she will be seeking re-election in October.

Fortin has served two terms as Mayor of Peachland; prior to being elected mayor she served one term as a Peachland councillor.

Fortin moved to Peachland in her early twenties, shortly after completing the Practical Nursing program at Okanagan College. Later she embarked on a career in journalism before turning to politics.

In addition to serving as mayor, Fortin sits on the regional board, and is chair of the Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Change and Peachland Healthy Watersheds committee, and vice chair of the Okanagan Water Basin Board. She also sits on the board of the Peachland Seniors Support Society and various other local committees.

“I believe in moderate development, as growth is part of the evolution of a community,” said Fortin. “However, I stress moderate development, not over development. And we don’t have to say yes to every developer.”

Fortin would like to re-evaluate the Official Community Plan, particularly when it comes to building heights along Beach Ave.

She stated one of her primary focuses in the next few years will be to ensure that sewer hook-ups for the entire community.

Her other top priorities include:

  • Source water protection, adequate supply, and an updated Water Master Plan;
  • Keeping taxes as low as possible by relying on other monies, such as grants for projects;
  • A new fire hall for Peachland Fire and Rescue Service (also referred to as a protective services building);
  • Affordable housing for both seniors and young working families;
  • Outdoor active transportation corridors and improved transit, as well as inter-municipal transportation;
  • An updated community sewer plan;
  • Continuing to work with the Okanagan Basin Water Board and the province on the reassessment of Okanagan Lake level management, and water release calculations; and
  • Continuing to work with the higher levels of government, such as the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) to make safety improvements to the existing highway through town, while keeping the possibility of a future bypass alive.

All local governments in B.C. will have a general election on Oct. 15. Fortin will go up against Councillors Patrick Van Minsel and Keith Fielding (also a two-term mayor), who have already announced they’ll be running for mayor.

The last general election took place on Oct. 20, 2018, when there was a tie vote for mayor between Cindy Fortin and Harry Gough with 804 votes each. The result was decided by pulling a name from the box. At that time Van Minsel was elected to council with the highest vote of 1,094, followed by Pete Coolio with 1,073, Terry Condon (who has confirmed he’ll be seeking a sixth term) with 1,029, Pam Cunningham with 1,022, Keith Fielding with 998 and Mike Kent with 996.

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  1. Nancy Merrill
    August 9, 2022 at 11:12 am - Reply

    I would appreciate hearing specifically what the term “moderate development” means to Ms. Fortin. Can Ms. Fortin give votes examples of proposed developments she has voted against during her time as a council member and mayor?

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