Fancy boats hogging spaces

Joanne Layh

Some boaters are overstaying their welcome in Peachland and district staff are hoping that improved signage will help to solve the problem.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting Mayor Cindy Fortin noted to staff that on the weekend that there were a couple of “pretty fancy, big-looking boats” at the day use wharf that stayed for the entire day.

“There’s supposed to be a 10-minute or 20-minute drop off period there, when you first come in,” said Fortin. “Is that signage good enough?”

CAO Joe Creron said they’ve been dealing with this issue for the past couple of weeks. He noted there is an individual who stays there some nights when the water is too rough.

“I explained to him that he has to abide by the bylaw,” said Creron, who said he has also been in talks with the bylaw officer to improve signage. He noted some boaters are not only staying there but also going further south to the dog beach area where there is a dock they’ve also been hooking up to.

Apparently one man was hoping to escalate his complaint about enforcement with the town to the mayor’s office.

“My answer to him was, ‘we’ll improve the signage and don’t park there overnight,’” said Creron.

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