Another Hallmark movie shooting in Peachland

In Sept. 2020 a different film crew were in Peachland to shoot some scenes in Heritage Park. File photo

Joanne Layh

A Hallmark production crew is coming to Peachland next week to film a new movie, “A Town Called Love”.  

Filming is scheduled to begin on Aug 3 at two private residences on Princeton Ave, followed by filming in various public and private downtown locations from Aug 8 – 10. 

Director of community services Cory Labrecque says district staff have been engaging with Hallmark’s location company to proactively find ways to minimize disruptions to businesses, traffic and parking.

Location manager Matheson Kincaid told the View as soon as he read the script he immediately thought of Peachland because the movie is set in a town called Love that features Love Lake and includes a ton of walk and talks along beautiful parks next to the lake. When he called up the director, who grew up spending summers at his grandmother’s house in Peachland, he was apparently thinking the same thing. 

“It was meant to be filmed in Peachland,” said Kincaid. 

“After a typical big city girl’s car breaks down, she falls in love with Love [the town] and the mayor’s hunky son and decides to stay and live happily ever after,” reads a synopsis of the script. 

One scene will feature a book reading gala set in Heritage Park. Other scenes will take place in front of the municipal office as well as along Centennial Way.

Kincaid says he’s not sure what channel the movie will air on or when. Whenever it does air, there’s no doubt some residents will be interested to see Peachland on the small screen once again.

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