Not pleased with the state of our democracy

Canada has changed radically during the last 15 years.

The party system is self-destructing, and we have an unelected Senate with absolutely no democratic mandate to write and endorse legislation.

We are told daily we are a democracy, when in reality we are closer to political anarchy, electing virtual dictators, not democratic governments.

Trudeau has been so busy redefining people by colour, creation, and culture, it no longer is politically correct to call anybody Canadian.

His obsession with banning oil before we have a viable base-load alternative complete with infrastructure has sent billions in investment dollars south of the border, destroying thousands of well-paying jobs in our resource industries.

The SNC Lavalin scandal, a billion-dollar WE charity scandal, and a $20 billion plus Trans Mountain pipeline that should’ve been left in in the private sector are examples of just how corrupt and dysfunctional our governments have become.

The day our politicians were elected, they were well-meaning community minded people aspiring to serve as our public trustees, but lying has become so commonplace even the most basic truths are becoming suspect.

Having lived in a democracy for more than 20 years, where the people make all major decisions – commonly using binding referendums – experiencing the disaster that is playing out in Canada today has become disturbing and incomprehensible.

Today all major decisions are made in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) by the prime minister of the day, in consultation with big business and lobbyists, aided by special advisors who are appointed by the PM.

That has destroyed the identity of all our political parties because policies today are created on the whim of party leaders, not party members, and party names have become irrelevant, as they have become non-defining.

Before the Conservatives could begin to even dream about forming a government, they would have to listen to the people, who want a multi-member proportional ballot.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, and BC Premier John Horgan all promised voters a proportional ballot, but they failed to deliver.

Instead, they adopted ‘party discipline’ to control the elected members actions and their vote.

Today party and government leaders are denying 38 million Canadians democratic governments. That is about as absurd as anything can get. 

Andy Thomsen, Kelowna

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