Good gov’t must prevail over rights and wishes

Kudos are deserved by Graham Smith for his recent letter (July 15) which was, in effect, an excellent rebuttal of the self-pitying letter by the Kleins submitted the week before regarding being fined for not conforming to government COVID health measures. What appals me is how those who assert their “individual rights” show no recognition of the community’s rights to protect its citizens, nor seem to have any grasp of the individual’s responsibility to the community.  Most of us—even in the Okanagan—still ascribe to the Canadian motto of “order and good government,” which sometimes must prevail over the rights or wishes of individual citizens. In Canada we do not worship individual liberty or personal freedom above all else, as many do in the United States. Thank you to Mr. Smith for reminding us of these values.

Jim Howard, Peachland

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