• Saturday , 26 November 2022

Accessibility improvements coming to Hardy Falls

Hardy Falls. Photo RDCO.


This sign will soon be posted at Hardy Falls. Image RDCO.

Joanne Layh

Residents left wondering why the washroom building has been removed from Hardy Falls can rest assured that an accessible replacement is on the way.

The washroom building at Hardy Falls was removed this week and will be replaced in the fall with an accessible, single stall and up to date fixtures.

“It was due to be replaced,” said RDCO communications and intergovernmental affairs officer Bruce Smith.

A portable washroom will remain in place until new facility is built. As well, there will be accessible parking added beside the building with an accessible trail leading to the current park entrance.

The regional district budget for all this work, including the washroom, trail, and parking, is approximately $200,000.


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