Veg, eggs and honey

2019 Peachland Fall Fair committee member Barb McGregor. Photo Paula McLaughlin

Paula McLaughlin

If you are involved in growing your own garden, raising your own bees, or tending chickens, the fall fair is for you! This category is at the heart of an agricultural fair, an opportunity to exhibit your bounty with pride. Those who have taken the care, time, and effort to produce beautiful vegetables, eggs and honey deserve recognition, and the rewards are obvious, putting delicious meals on your dinner plate.

The Peachland Fall Fair is asking for submissions for the Vegetables, Eggs and Honey section, where you can display your products and possibly win a ribbon.

We ask that all vegetables are grown by the exhibitor, with the exception of the “Comic Figure” explained below. Name the variety of your vegetable on the entry tag. Make sure that you exhibit the number that is specified. Your specimens should be as uniform as possible in colour, maturity, shape and size. Tops should not be more than a half inch or one centimeter. Root vegetables should be washed free of dirt, but don’t scrub or buff them. Leaves or stalks should also be clean, fresh and broad. Put your display on a plate or tray.

As for Comic Figures, these can come from your own garden, or those of your neighbours, friends, or the local market, as long as the produce has been grown in our beautiful Okanagan.

The Peachland Fall Fair takes place Sept. 10-11. For more information visit 

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