Living in a two-tiered society

Dear Mr. Albas,

On June 10 of this year, my husband and I, who are both Canadian citizens, returned to B.C. after a trip to Washington State. We have property and family there and were unable to visit or take care of our home there due to COVID restrictions for two and a half years. Upon our crossing the border, we were interviewed by an officer from

Canada Health, who fined us each $5,700. for noncompliance with the COVID regulations. We are firm believers in our constitutional right to bodily autonomy and freedom of choice regarding what we put in our bodies. Our decision to disobey mandates that we consider illegal and immoral has made it clear that our democratic rights are not respected by the Health Department and this government. Thus, we claim conscientious objection to the draconian measures that have created a two-tiered society in our once free and open nation. 

We fully intend to fight our fines in court and make the case for ourselves and all Canadians regarding the onerous threat we perceive to our democracy and our personal rights. If there is any way, as our representative, you can bring these issues to Parliament and help to preserve the rights and freedoms that we as Canadians cherish, you would be doing a great service to all of us.

Joe and Jessica Klein, Peachland

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