Clements Crescent dev’t not welcome

At the June 14 public hearing, it was clear that many people were against the 84-unit building proposed by Porchlight Developments on Clements Cres.

This project is not welcomed in the neighbourhood. It doesn’t meet the needs of the population and is way too big for our small town.

That evening many concerns were pointed out to the council through letters and speakers. First, the land is located on a flooding area and in a protected area for salmon and bats. It was also raised that this land is one of the last designated farming lands in Peachland. It was suggested that the construction of affordable townhomes would serve a better quality of life for young families, instead of the proposed 500 to 850 square foot apartments.

Locals were also concerned with the impact this development would have on traffic flow, particularly surrounding the elementary school. The current traffic flow is already a problem in the area, given that there is only one route in and out of the small neighbourhood, and safety issues are a priority. 

Finally, a petition of close to 100 signatures was submitted to the council in hope of denying the project.

Considering the number of citizens opposed to the development, I really hope the council will listen to the population and vote against the construction of the apartments.

Therese Tremblay, Peachland

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