• Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Break-in at United Church

Above: Someone forced entry into the sanctuary of the church. Clamps were later placed on the door as part of the repair process. Below: The door to the Bargain Bin was also damaged. Photos Joanne Layh

Joanne Layh

The Peachland United Church has been robbed twice in the span of just one week. 

The first incident occurred sometime between last Sunday afternoon and 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, when is believed that someone entered the hall and took the church’s $60 float. 

Church volunteers noticed some things amiss in the hall that made them suspicious and later it was discovered that the money was missing. 

Days later volunteers arrived at the Bargain Bin this morning to find that the handle to the thrift shop door had been jimmied and pulled apart, and they were unable to insert a key into the lock, Bargain Bin chairperson Janet Drinnan told the View

“The RCMP was called and when they got here they found out that the person couldn’t get the door undone. It’s a very heavy metal door, but they did go up and they did get into the sanctuary. Only the door was damaged. They didn’t damage the inside of the sanctuary, but they did take our brand new computer.” 

It is assumed the intruder was looking for cash as several drawers showed signs of being opened.  

“Why would you try and do a B&E on a thrift shop? There’s not that much money,” said Drinnan. “Why would you steal from a church? We’re not big business here. People are disappointed and maybe even shocked.”

As a result of the break-ins, the Peachland United Church and the Bargain Bin have amended their procedures and will no longer have cash on site outside of operating hours.

“There will be no more cash on the premises, period,” said Drinnan.

Despite the troubling incidents, the Bargain Bin was open all day today.

“We just keep smiling and try to make accommodations,” Drinnan said.

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