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New flower arranging categories for 2022

Photo Gayle Thomas

Gayle Thomas 

Do you have a creative bent for growing and arranging flowers and other plant material that you have grown in your garden and yard? Then the Peachland Fall Fair is a great opportunity to display and hone your creativity in this area. This year the Peachland Fall Fair is running September 10 and 11, and we would greatly enjoy displaying your entries. Prizes will be awarded.

Now is a great time to consider buying and planting flowers that have blooms during September. Bear in mind that the judge is looking for a variety of flowers and greenery in arrangements and come September it can be a challenge to find a wide variety of healthy blooms.

The theme of the fair this year is A New Beginning and the flower arranging categories have been revisited with new and interesting changes made. “Name that Song” is a category of fresh plant material representing a song title, while another new category, “Reach for the Sky” asks for a tall, vertical arrangement of fresh flowers and greenery.

Arranging fresh plant material can be a very last minute effort, but there are several categories that can be fully thought out and creatively arranged in advance, such as “Desert Influence,” which is an arrangement of five or more succulents in an appropriate container. In my mind, succulents are not always considered in flower arranging. Another category requires a hat decorated with dried materials of seeds, grasses and flowers.

For a complete list of categories check out our booklet that is coming out soon or visit peachlandfallfair.ca.

If flower arranging is not your thing we have many more sections in which you can display your particular creative bent. 

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