• Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Purification straws for Ukraine fighters

West Kelowna resident Greg Bertrim is a man on a mission.

Greg is doing all he can to help Ukrainian fighters in the war against Russia. On Saturday he was at the Peachland car boot sale raising funds for water purification straws for Ukrainian troops. 

I was also visiting the Peachland car boot sale that day and happened to start chatting with Greg and being an ex-combat vet, I could see the importance of what Greg was doing. 

I’m an ex-British combat veteran, so after talking to Greg it became apparent how important his mission was. 

I drove home from the sale thinking about this and immediately started to go through what I could give him that might create some funds for his purification kits. One of the things I’ve decided to do is to put some of my boxing pictures up for bids in exchange for one case of these purification kits or the money equivalent of $1,250 to buy a case. 

One of the pictures is a copy of a signed collectors print of the Feb. 5, 1943 title fight with Jake LaMotta knocking Sugar Ray Robinson through the ropes in the eighth round of the fight. 

The second picture is a signed picture by George Chuvalo. 

George Chuvalo is a Canadian pro heavy weight who fought such greats as Floyd Patterson, Muhammad Ali, Ernie Terrell, George Foreman, and Joe Frazier. With 93 pro fights he was one of the few heavyweights to never be knocked down.

A number of years ago I organized for George Chuvalo to come to the Okanagan to give his famous “Fight Against Drugs” presentation for school children in the Kelowna area, including here in Peachland.

The third picture is a rare photograph from the late 1950s of Muhammad Ali as an amateur boxer.

People need to understand that we have to do what we can to support the Ukrainians, because if this war expands outside of the current countries, the world will change, including the lives of everyone reading this.

To bid, help or to donate items that can help this cause, contact Greg Bertrim at 250 808 4379.

John Wardley, Peachland

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