• Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Resident equates high density housing with greed

We have real estate people on our town council. It is well known that realtors and developers work hand-in-hand to make as much money as possible on every new development. It should be obvious, that these realtors on council will vote in favour of the developer every time, when it comes to changing the OCP from low density to high density.

 I think realtors on council should not be allowed to vote on development issues that change the OCP, as this is a huge conflict of interest.

We are constantly being told that higher density developments are what we need.

This type of development push is mainly done by realtors and developers looking for the biggest dollar sign.

 We do not need or want these monster over-developments if we are to keep our good quality of life. What we do need is single story, no-step duplexes or condos for seniors, in a safe, comfortable 55+ retirement community. 

The land behind the IGA is the perfect spot for this type of development, so let’s fill the need and not the greed!

Al Bykowsky, Peachland

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