• Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Dead tree by road poses threat

This is to inform residents of upper Princeton Ave in the V0H 1X7 postal code that there is a dead tree by the road on the property slated for development in the 4000 block of Princeton Avenue. 

The tree, which is at least 40 feet tall, will almost certainly bring down the roadside power lines if it should fall, either by deterioration of the root base or by high winds. 

I have informed both the District of Peachland and BC Hydro of the matter, both of whom responded with disinterest. 

I am not aware of the property owners’ identity and I am not in the business of paying for land title searches, so should the owners see this letter I’m sure their neighbours would appreciate them removing this tree to prevent a possible future power outage and, in my case, considerable damage to my property in particular. 

It seems the tradition of government inaction at the wrong time is alive and well, even after two years of gross interference in our private lives on the pretence of “action” by their unelected appointees.

Kane Rogers, Peachland

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