• Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Car show coverage disappoints

I just finished looking at the May 27 edition of the Peachland View, and in particular of its coverage of the World of Wheels event. What a disappointment – so much more that could have been included in your edition.

The coverage did not include the number of vehicles enrolled, the number of people who attended and enjoyed the pancake breakfasts or might have strolled through the vendors’ tents – let alone the revenue generated by this well attended event.

In particular, I was disappointed by the photographs of the vehicles showcased. I’m sure there were many photos taken of the vehicles on display but the photos published were a very limited representation of the broad scope of vehicles brought to the event that day. And the photographs chosen for the edition were of a limited view below the belt line – there are many ways to present vehicles and these photos did not do justice!

I hope that next year’s coverage of the event will expand its scope.

Dee Rogers, Peachland

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