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How to grow prize-winning vegetables

Peachland Fall Fair vegetable entry. File photo.

Tami Theriault
Peachland Fall Fair

Well, who would have guessed we would have snow this late in May? Although it may be too chilly to have your tender plants outdoors, it is important that you get growing – particularly your veggies if you want to have them ready to enter into the Peachland Fall Fair in September!

In our Vegetables, Eggs and Honey section, we have many categories – beans, corn, cabbages, and cucumbers, to name a few. 

When you look through our booklet you will see the categories and whether there are any specific requirements for the item entered into that category. Some details the judges will look for include: Swiss chard – no roots, stalks up to 12”, 5 leaves; and carrots – tops trimmed to 1/2” (6). Make sure to follow the guidelines for your best chance to be chosen the winner.

Did you know that we have a category for heaviest tomato? In order to enter your tomato, you must indicate the weight on the entry tag. We also have a heaviest onion category – so get those veggies grown and fed, watered and loved – you just may win a ribbon.

One of the favourite categories is Comic Figure – enter a comic figure made entirely with vegetables and herbs from your own garden, your neighbour’s garden or your local farmer’s garden, as long as the produce has been grown in our beautiful Okanagan. There is a prize awarded for this fun category.

Get sowing and growing and we’ll see you at the fair!

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