• Wednesday , 29 June 2022

MyHealthPortal access

Dear editor,

The Interior Health Authority (IHA) has a handy App called MyHealthPortal that allows patients to promptly view their health records online. The app tracks Interior Health services such as patient laboratory results and diagnostic imaging reports to name a couple. 

The problem is that it excludes services provided by private medical facilities such as laboratories and diagnostic imaging centres. In Peachland, we are fortunate to have Valley Labs providing medical laboratory services locally. The lab is conveniently located and saves us from having to travel to IHA facilities in neighbouring communities. 

However, what is not convenient is the inability to access our test results on MyHealthPortal. Partnerships between public and private health care providers are widespread in Canada. 

If our governments are permitting this model to exist, then let’s make it work efficiently by allowing government licensed private facilities access to post test results and reports on MyHealthPortal for the benefit of patients. 

Similarly, a standing order from a physician should be available to any laboratory within IHA regardless of whether or not the lab is an IHA facility or a licensed private laboratory. 

Health care in B.C. needs to be more patient centred, more convenient and more efficient. 

This simple integration would be one small step in that direction.


Murray Trusler, MD, MBA, FCFP, FRRMS,

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