• Thursday , 2 February 2023

Is it time for the federal government to end vaccine passports?

Dan Albas MP

Back in January of 2021, when the idea of a “vaccine passport” first emerged that would prevent unvaccinated citizens to travel and have access to various public amenities and services, the idea was strongly opposed by PM Trudeau.

As PM Trudeau stated the idea of a vaccine passport was, and I quote directly, “fraught with challenges” and would have “divisive impacts on community and country.”

As we know the prime minister reversed his stance against vaccine passports and used vaccine passports as a wedge issue during last year’s pandemic election.

Indeed, as the prime minister himself confirmed in January of 2021, the implementation of the vaccine mandate has indeed created “divisive impacts”.

Fortunately, in all Canadian provinces, citizens who are vaccinated and not vaccinated can now enjoy equal access to public and private amenities and services with one glaring exception.

Air travel, which is a federally regulated sector, still requires proof of vaccination in order to fly.

For those who are vaccinated, which is the majority, this is not an inconvenience, although it had added to more congestion and some delays at many Canadian airports.

However, for those who are not vaccinated it has and continues to cause serious hardship in many situations.

For many who are unvaccinated it means being unable to see loved ones or to care for a sick and elderly parent in another part of Canada.

It means holidays alone.

These are not just cases of people who want to travel for a vacation.

I have heard of husband and wives being separated overseas and adult children separated from their parents who are in hospice.

It is often heartbreaking. 

As the official opposition we have raised this concern in Ottawa.

While the government continues to insist it is “following the science” it has shown no such documentation to support the continued enforcement of this exclusionary policy.

For the record, I am fully vaccinated and have supported vaccination throughout the pandemic.

My question this week:

Do you believe it is time for the federal government to lift the vaccination requirement for train and air travel or is this something you would like to see remain in place?

I can be reached at Dan.Albas@parl.gc.ca or call toll free at 800 665 8711.

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