• Thursday , 2 February 2023

Peachland keeps tax increase to 2.27 per cent

Double digit increases from some other tax authorities

Joanne Layh

Peachland property owners are looking at a 2.27 per cent municipal tax hike for 2022, which amounts to $32.75 for an average single-family dwelling. 

In addition, an average single-family dwelling will also see a policing tax increase of 10.36 per cent ($26.84) and transit tax increase of 14.74 per cent ($9.27).

Peachland households will also pay $748.73 (unchanged from 2021) for various parcel taxes, including a new parcel tax for the debt repayment of the water treatment plant and Trepanier Interconnect project.

Regional district taxes increased by 16.13 per cent. Hospital district taxes increased by 11.63 per cent and Okanagan Regional Library taxes increased by 4.93 per cent for operating costs.

When combined with collections for other tax authorities, including the regional district, hospital district, school district and Okanagan Regional Library, Peachland’s average single-family will see a total tax increase of 6.36 per cent.

Capital project highlights include a $2.5 million for an upgrade to the water treatment plant, $400,000 for Princeton Ave improvements, $150,000 for fire hall replacement pre-construction drawings, $90,000 for two fleet vehicles (with $45,000 coming from Safe Restart grant funding), and $30,000 for stormwater infrastructure improvements. 

The 2022 financial plan, tax rates bylaw and parcel tax bylaws are scheduled to be adopted by Peachland council at a special council meeting on May 12. 

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