• Friday , 25 November 2022

Sell the monstrosity and install a crosswalk

I will begin by saying that I am extremely disappointed with council’s decision to not support a motion to defer the spending of an additional $40,000 to build stairs to the washroom at Heritage Park that has already cost $100,000.

This is an ugly structure that stands at the main entrance to Peachland from the south and sticks out like a sore thumb. As such it is an insult to Peachland. Why not look for alternatives? To say that delaying the splash pool would be a disaster is an over statement. Real disasters are the lack of a golf course for over 10 years, the failure of approved developments to proceed once rezoning has been in place, not to mention changing the OCP to allow five-storey buildings to front Beach Avenue.

A better solution would be to sell this monstrosity and install a crosswalk light similar to that which exists on Beach and 6th. I can’t understand why this would not be acceptable to Interior Health as children have been crossing Beach Ave. from the playground at this location for years. What is different now? To require the town to have washrooms on both sides of Beach Ave. is ludicrous. If there are no other solutions, then move the structure further into the park so it is not so intrusive, and heaven forbid install it with a ground level entrance.

If another $40,000 is wasted on this project and the building remains, it will be there indefinitely showing off Peachland in a negative way far overshadowing any delay in completing the splash park. The building has been on site for seven months. Why was a solution not sought earlier? Certainly the appearance has not improved in the interval. Staff responsible for this project should be ashamed of the result.

Eldon Kerbes, Peachland

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