Riding season kicks off with double header competition

Saturday highpoint winners (shown from left to right) Gena Rome, Krista Jackson, Molly Sanderson, Brooke McGee, Lacy Isnardy, Chloe Gautron, Taylor Baranow, Lacey Baird, Lane Froese, Wesston Larson and Kolt Froese.

Sunday highpoint winners (shown from left to right) Brooke McGee, Lauren McGee, Lacy Isnardy, Chloe Gautron, Molly Sanderson, Taylor Baranow, and Kylie Haugland. Photos contributed

Sandy Chevallier
Peachland Riding Club

The Peachland Riding Club kicked off our first weekend events of the season with a fabulous double header competition on Saturday and Sunday. What a great way to start the year!  

We had higher than normal entries in both the Buckle Series Barrel Race events each morning and the Saturday and Sunday gymkhana events also saw an increase in participants over the past two years struggling through COVID protocols.

Our Saturday $100 Added Open Barrel Race was won by Nevada Dynneson of Oliver riding Justa Cadillac Queen and second was Candace Chevallier of Peachland riding Blue Tequila Lena. Also,  on Saturday the junior race was won by Bailey Sandvold of Kelowna, peewee winner was Molly Sanderson of West Kelowna and the senior was won by Donna Hinchcliffe of Lake Country.

The Saturday gymkhana included six different timed events with five different age categories and the highpoint champions were as follows: senior highpoint – Krista Jackson, West Kelowna and senior runner-up was her mom Gena Rome also of West Kelowna! Youth highpoint champion was Brook McGee of Kelowna and runner up was Lacey Baird of Princeton. Junior highpoint champion was Chloe Gautron from Peachland and runner up champion was Wesston Larsen of West Kelowna. The peewee highpoint was a 39-point tie between Taylor Baranow and Molly Sanderson, both from West Kelowna! Our lead line division champion was little Lacy Isnardy of Peachland and runner up was Lane Froese of West Kelowna.

The Sunday events were held under beautiful sunny skies and the morning Buckle Series Barrel Race was again very well attended. The Open Division was again won by Nevada Dynesson and her phenomenal mare, Justa Cadillac Queen, and second on the open was won by Tiffany Munsy of Armstrong riding Fame Dun Bother Me. The junior was won by Chloe Gautron of Peachland, riding DQH Playboy Drifter. The peewee was again won by Molly Sanderson riding Cody.

The Sunday afternoon gymkhana events resulted with senior highpoint going to Kyli Haugland of Summerland and runner up was Alesha Krebs from Keremeos. The youth highpoint again went to Brooke McGee followed closely by her sister Lauren McGee. Junior was again won by Peachland’s Chloe Gautron and runner up was Tarrah Sawin from Keremeos. The peewee division was won by Taylor Baranow and runner up was Molly Sanderson. The lead liners highpoint winner was Lacy Isnardy and runner up winner was Lane Froese.

It was a fun weekend with several out of town competitors enjoying the fantastic grounds and facility. Our next event will be held on May 29 with the same format. A food truck will again be on site for spectators and competitors.

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