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Buchanan neighbourhood strata development approved

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A rezoning application for a fifteen-unit strata development in the Buchanan neighbourhood received the go ahead from Peachland council last Tuesday night.

The currently undeveloped property, located opposite Davis Cove Resort just below Hwy 97, was rezoned from Single Detached Residential (R1) to Multi-unit Residential – Low Density and Cluster (RM3) to allow for the townhouse project.

At the same time Peachland council also authorized the road closure and sale of nearby McKay Lane. McKay Lane is the municipal roadway from which the property is accessed; the land will now be sold to the two adjacent property owners. The lane only provides access to those two properties, so it essentially functions as a driveway. The two property owners intend to acquire the land from the district to consolidate it with their own parcels. The developer requires the additional land for the strata project, while the owner of 5251 McKay Lane (the parcel to the north of the lane) has two existing structures, a rental property and an historic family barn, that do not meet building setback requirements; the acquisition of a small portion of McKay Lane would bring the existing structures into compliance.

In addition to an estimated $28,155 in Community Amenity Contributions (CACs), the municipality will also receive a payment of just over $42,000 for the sale of McKay Lane.

Council gave the zoning amendment and road closure bylaws first and second readings on Feb. 9, 2021. A public hearing was held on Mar. 22, 2021, followed by third reading on Apr. 20, 2021.

At Tuesday’s meeting council was also asked to authorize a Comprehensive (Form and Character) Development Permit for the property to allow the construction of three multi-family residential buildings and an accessory parking garage.

As proposed, the15-unit multiple family development will be comprised of three residential buildings (two six-plex buildings and a triplex) and a row of garages for the buildings sited along the rear parcel line adjacent to Hwy 97, with a vehicle parking stall for all 15 residential units plus six visitor spaces, including an accessible stall.

“The site has been designed to step the buildings down the hillside, maintaining view corridors in between,” said Schaal in his report to council. “The parking garage has been placed at the rear of the property and will be screened by the residential buildings in front. Due to the topography of the site, the single-story parking garages will not be visibly intrusive from Hwy 97.”

A servicing feasibility study conducted by the applicant’s engineer confirmed that the existing roads, water, and sanitary infrastructure are all adjacent to the subject property and have adequate capacity to service the proposed development.

However, to accommodate the necessary fire flows, an upgrade to the water system on Buchanan will be required at time of building permit.

Mayor Cindy Fortin and Councillors Patrick Van Minsel, Mike Kent, Pam Cunningham and Terry Condon voted in favour of the recommendations. 

“I think this is the perfect place to have development,” said Fortin, who stressed the importance of infill. “I’m absolutely in favour of this. We need more homes.”

Coun. Keith Fielding was opposed in response to various issues raised at the public hearing, including sight line concerns presented by residents of The Terraces. Coun. Pete Coolio was also opposed.


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