Concerned Citizens of Clements Crescent have questions

We are residents on Clements Cres., where Porchlight Developments has proposed an 84-unit complex. 

We have some real concerns about this project. We want to make it known that we are not opposed to development, we are concerned about safety. 

The 84 units will more than double our neighborhood numbers and we have one exit out in the event of a flood or fire. Along with the school this could create some serious chaos. We feel that the number of units should be seriously reduced to properly fit into the area. Our understanding is that the city has guidelines about building in our city, and yet seems to overlook their own guidelines. 

This project is located on a flood plain, so before it gets started it is already “at risk”.  We very strongly encourage city council to look closely at what this project will mean for those already living in the area. Will proper upgrades such as parking and sidewalks, be made to accommodate this project? Could this project be scaled back to better fit in with the neighborhood? Will the developer be responsible for the upgrades? Will all safety/traffic issues be looked at carefully? 

As a neighbourhood group, we understand that development will happen and we are not against it. But, please, be reasonable and thorough about what is good for the whole neighbourhood.

Caroline Martinson on behalf of
Concerned Citizens of Clements Crescent

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