Turner Park washrooms vandalized

Photo Shawn Grundy

Joanne Layh

For the second time in less than a year, the washrooms at Turner Park have been vandalized with graffiti. 

The District of Peachland public works department believes the latest incident happened on Monday night and are appealing to anyone in the public with information to come forward.

“This is the second time this building has been vandalized in the past seven months and every repair/repaint/replacement is an additional cost to Peachland taxpayers,” states a post made by the municipality’s Facebook account.

Director of operations Shawn Grundy told the View the same building was vandalized back in September, when the building was not only spray-painted with graffiti, but also the doors were pried open and some tools were stolen.

“This time was just painting,” said Grundy.

Public works department staff do not believe the two incidents to be related but they are asking residents who have any information about this incident to call their office at 250 767 2108.

“It would be nice to see somebody taking responsibility for it, but we’re not holding our breath,” said Grundy.

The municipality says anyone who witnesses vandalism should call 911 to report it. Residents who notice vandalism after the fact should notify the public works office. 

“Let us know so we can cover it up. There’s a lot of swear words on there and some pretty bad drawings. With little kids up there, it’s good to get it cleaned up as quickly as we can,” said Grundy.


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