Todd’s Resort gets initial council support

Conceptual site plan.

Joanne Layh

At last week’s regular meeting Peachland council gave first and second readings to an OCP and zoning amendment bylaw that would allow for a residential tourism development at the current site of Todd’s RV & Camping.

The applicant, Porchlight Developments, is proposing to build six six-storey buildings and four luxury beachside bungalows at 3946, 3966 and 3976 Beach Ave., which are located along the north end of Beach Ave. on a four-acre semi-waterfront property.

The proposal has the six-storey stepped-floor buildings set back closer to the highway with four bungalows placed closer to Beach Ave.

“We have taken care to place the taller buildings nearest the highway to the north and adjacent the existing buffer strip and existing resort to the west, and place single family and a large landscape buffer adjacent the single-family homes to the east,” states the website for the development.

To facilitate the upgrade of the campground to a 46-unit tourist/residential project, the developer is proposing an application to rezone the site to CD11 Todd’s Resort Comprehensive Development Zone from C6 Campground and R1 Single Detached Residential.

The CD11 Todd’s Resort zone allows for tourist accommodation and vacation resort residential accommodations.

Prior to coming before council last week, the developer conducted a public information meeting on Jan. 7 that drew a mix of praise and concerns from residents. Among the concerns brought forward were questions about traffic, parking, owners expecting boat slips, property uses, tree retention, trail access, the height of the development and the cost of the units.

In response to concerns raised at the public information meeting, the developer conducted a visual impact analysis that indicated there would be negligible visual impact.

“It doesn’t tower over the highway or block anybody’s view,” said planner Lor Pellegrino.

In addition to the proposed parkland dedication at the south end of the property, the developer would also be required to provide a trail for connectivity.

“The parks department is very keen to see that trail constructed that goes from Beach Avenue in and around the site up to the Trepanier Bench and Hwy 97 intersection,” said Pellegrino. “That would be one of our requirements.”

If the proposal goes ahead the developer would also be required to pay a Community Amenity Contribution (CAC). Based on the design concept with 46 units, and using the current residential rate of $1,877/unit, the total CAC for this development is estimated to be $86,342.

“Adding 46 units will increase the district’s tax base,” noted Pellegrino.

Council unanimously supported the recommendation for rezoning.

“I’m really happy to support the whole area being zoned tourist commercial. I don’t have a problem with that. I’m very happy to see it proposed as a CD zone as well,” said Coun. Keith Fielding. “The big issue in my mind is whether or not the concept that’s proposed really meets what was intended with the tourism commercial zone.”

Coun. Terry Condon said he likes the concept and the use of a CD zone.

“I will be supportive of this recommendation,” said Coun. Patrick Van Minsel. “I’m very happy to see this because that area is a very narrow Beach Avenue street that will be improved and also the safety will be improved in that area.”

“I’m happy to see we’re moving in a direction that will see this land be utilized for tourism activity and hopefully extend the use of the land into the off season, which is one of things we as a municipality struggle with,” said Coun. Mike Kent.

He also noted the tax base increase will help the municipality with infrastructure renewal.

“On the emotional side, we’re sad to see Todd’s leave, but we know that they’re not going to be there forever and I’m glad that they found somebody who respects what we want in Peachland.” said Coun. Pam Cunningham. “I think the development’s going to be beautiful.”

Mayor Cindy Fortin said her heart aches to see the campground go, and a lot of the reaction in the community is for the same reason.

The Todd family still own the property and will be operating their business for the upcoming season; Porchlight has an option to purchase.


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