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Rotary dance to feature Marty Edwards and The Revival

Marty Edwards and The Revival

Joanne Layh

The Peachland Rotary’s first fundraising event of the year will be a dance at the community centre featuring live entertainment provided by Marty Edwards and The Revival.

“One of our members suggested that we reach out to Marty to see if he’s available to perform and I thought, “Absolutely, that is the perfect event to have getting back from COVID,’” said Rotary Club of Peachland fundraising committee chairperson Peggy Southin. “He’s so well known and loved in the community, there’s always a massive reception when he’s performing. When I reached out to Marty and he was available I was really excited.”

Southin says the club is looking forward to their first big event in a long time.

“We’ve been so caged in for so long – people can dance and just have fun and there’s joy and happiness. I think that’s what we’re all seeking,” said Southin. “The community ready for something like this.”

As the event is a fundraiser, there will be a cash bar and a 50/50 so people need to bring their wallets with them.

Each ticket will include music entertainment by Marty Edwards and The Revival, as well as a complimentary charcuterie board prepared by the Penticton Hospital Foundation.

“We reached out to the Penticton group and they’re happy to do it so we’re keeping money in the valley but we’re also supporting the health aspect, which is part of one of our mandates in Rotary,” said Southin.

Proceeds from the 50/50 will support nursing filed scholarships at the Okanagan College Foundation and general proceeds from the event will go to building the new Peachland Food Bank.

The Peachland Food Bank will be displaced soon to make way for the second phase of seniors housing. The organization is planning to be a part of the community hub project, but the Rotary proceeds from the event will be focused specifically on the food bank.

So what kind of entertainment is planned for the night?
“Dance, dance, dance,” said Edwards. “I have several different music projects that I work within from single acts to touring various countries and things like that. Marty Edwards and The Revival, we’re a trio and we are designed exactly for this. It’s great music to dance to, to listen to and bring back some memories, including something older from the sixties, seventies, but through to current as well.”

The entertainment will include everything from country to rock to soft rock – the main criteria is it has to be danceable, said Edwards.

The trio are made up of Marty Edwards, Betty Anne Northup and Craig Brown, and most of their repertoire consists of fast, up-tempo material with tight vocal harmonies, first class musicianship and material people will recognize.

“It’ll be a fun evening,” said Edwards. “I’m just so excited about getting back out there.”

The trio have been working on their repertoire as well as practicing and recording throughout COVID so they’re ready to perform live again.

“The band is so excited about getting back out there, especially here in Peachland,” said Edwards. “I’ve worked a lot with the Rotary. They’re great to work with and I’m really impressed with the work that they do and it’s great to be a part of it.”

Any COVID protocols (including vaccine passports) still in place at the time of the event will apply.

The dance will take place on Apr. 2 at the Peachland Community Centre. Doors open at 7 p.m.

A maximum of 200 tickets will be available. Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased from any Rotary member (including Southin, who can be reached at 250 767 6689) as well as from Peachland Pharmacy on Beach Ave.

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