• Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Sunflower seeds for Ukraine

Dear Editor,

Some Peachlanders, weary of COVID, are thinking green.

Shamrocks on St Patrick’s Day (March 17), snow drops and crocuses popping up in gardens and packages of seeds showing up in stores.

The Peachland Visitor Centre is thinking green as well. People are invited to come into the centre and guess how many sunflower seeds are in the jar on the front desk. The prize is a beautiful plant. As many know, the sunflower is the national flower of the Ukraine. So everyone participating in the contest will receive a package of sunflower seeds. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the yards of Peachland and the Valley full of sunflowers in support of the Ukraine?

The contest ends on March 31. The hours are 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday.

The colours of the Ukrainian flag are blue and yellow. When you mix these two colours you get green.

Phyllis Papineau, Peachland

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