• Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Corrupted governments vs questioning citizens

Why do I find myself so encouraged by the bravery and resiliency of the Freedom Convoy? 

I’m uncomfortable even thinking about going to a protest.  

Having been employed by a Canadian provincial health minister, I had to deal with challenging issues. Those in charge just wanted issues to go away fast. For example, when confronted with overflowing hospitals (long before COVID arrived on the scene), our response was not to examine the overall health of the population and formulate ways to prevent illness and maintain health. It was not to identify low cost, low hanging fruit initiatives, for example, encouraging and providing Vitamin D supplementation to our Northern hemisphere population; an initiative which would save $14 billion/year and 37,000 lives. 

No. I was told, “Michael, I hope you know that is not the business we are in”.  Our solution was not to look for root cause. Rather the answer was to throw taxpayers’ money at the problem, providing a band-aid but politically press worthy solution to the citizenry.  

FYI, the political class assumes you aren’t very bright and hates when you ask good questions.  Critical thinking was supposed to have been educated out of the population a long time ago.  How dare you question the elite political classes?

Politicians’ reactions to the convoy remind me of the pandemic of no-thinking I encountered in my health work days. Smear the working class, critical thinking, question asking Canadians.  Call them fascists, racists, whatever is necessary to convince the armchair quarterback, TV watching citizenry to accept that the convoy are the bad guys and public servants are the good guys. Make the issue go away.

Unfortunately, our head servant, Trudeau, hates the working class and is doing his best to pressure the convoy towards violence. However, anyone who has taken the time to look at media other than the mainstream gang can see that there is nuance. So far, the convoy has been peaceful. Ottawa’s downtown crime is non-existent. 

Why would so many working class Canadians take risks to challenge the government’s two-years of pharma-lobbyist inspired mandates? Why are so many rallying around the freedom events in every Canadian city and worldwide?  

Why? Suffering exists in our country. Economic, mental, social.  

Despite a massive and confusing cross section of reporting, plus tech and government censorship of non-narrative ideas, Canadians have read between the bewildering lines of all this “news”, determining correctly that their government is not telling them the truth. It’s time to examine the root causes of civil unrest. Turn off your television, think for yourself for a minute.

I, for one, am enjoying the most peaceful protest ever seen on planet Earth.

Michael Huber, Peachland

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