• Thursday , 2 February 2023
Peachland Chamber launches local campaign

Peachland Chamber launches local campaign

The Peachland Chamber is a member of the Regional Chamber Coalition “OKanaganWeGoThis” consisting of the Kelowna, Vernon, Armstrong, West-Kelowna, Penticton, South Okanagan, and Peachland Chamber managers.

This coalition was formed 2 years ago to cope with the Covid-19 situation. This group has worked together on many occasions. Last year the Federal Government announced a $5,000,000 grant for local shop initiatives allocated to the BC Chamber.

The BC Chamber has divided this money amongst the BC Chambers to run their own local campaigns. The coalition was successful in accessing $155,000 of this money.

The first campaign started on February 14th and is named “OK We Got That” and aims to showcase all local businesses have to offer. In addition, TV Media Ad campaigns are underway as we write this, enticing residents to shop, dine, explore locally owned businesses, and show them some love.

Furthermore, each chamber was allocated a budget to spend on local advertising and use the remainder where they saw a need. The Peachland Chamber decided to buy gift certificates at our businesses. What are we doing with these, you wonder?

Well, let me tell you, we have partnered up with the Peachland Wellness Centre and the Peachland Food Bank. We are going to donate these gift certificates to them. Both not-for-profit organizations have made a list of families and individuals who can really use and deserve a boost during these Covid-19 times and will hand out these gift cards to these deserving people. This way, we create a win-win situation for our businesses and families in Peachland.

The “OK We Got That” campaign will be followed by the “Explore next door” project.

We encourage our residents to show some love to our local businesses and spend some of their money locally. Great things happen when a community comes together.

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