Six storeys proposed at Todd’s RV site

Illustration Porchlight Developments Inc.

Joanne Layh

A developer is proposing to build three six-storey twin buildings and six luxury beachside bungalows at 3946, 3966 and 3976 Beach Ave – currently the site of Todd’s RV and Camping, which is located along the north end of Beach Ave on a four-acre semi-waterfront property.

An illustration for the 49-unit tourist/residential project (on display at shows what appear to be six-storey stepped-floor buildings with large terraces facing the lake and a series of bungalows in front. 

To facilitate the upgrade of the campground to a tourist resort, the developer is proposing an application to rezone the site to C5 Tourist Commercial zone from C6 Campground and R1 Single Detached Residential.

“This change will sustain the tourism uses of the site but upgrade to zone to allow for resort structures,” states the website for the development. “We have taken care to place the taller buildings nearest the highway to the north and adjacent the existing buffer strip and existing resort to the west, and place single family and a large landscape buffer adjacent the single-family homes to the east.”

Illustration Porchlight Developments Inc.

“We feel that this development proposal strongly follows the guidance of the OCP in that we are stepping residences away from Beach Ave, we have screened virtually all parking from pedestrian view, and we have created new beachfront public park space,” the website states.

The new beachfront public park space seems to refer to a donated public park identified on one of the development illustrations.

Illustration Porchlight Developments Inc.

“I think we’re utilizing the land appropriately, for the use and the product we’re proposing is obviously a quality, top notch product,” Porchlight Developments development manager Michael Shipley told the View. “We’re just hopeful that it’s well received within the community.”

Porchlight Developments Inc. have organized a public information meeting to provide the community with information on a rezoning and OCP amendment proposal to facilitate the tourist commercial development.

The public consultation meeting will take place on Friday, Jan. 7 from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. via Zoom. Information about the project can be viewed at

Illustration Porchlight Developments Inc.

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    December 23, 2021 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    It looks amazing.
    Please put me on the purchase list.

  2. Annette Leigh
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