• Saturday , 4 February 2023

Brenda Mines transparency needed

The Peachland View reported on April 23, 2015 that a six-day sit-in at former Premier Christy Clark’s West Kelowna constituency office came to an end after the province reportedly committed to a high-level meeting that would aim to resolve ongoing concerns regarding bio-waste operations in the Nicola Valley. Three days earlier, the Chief of the Lower Nicola Indian Band, Aaron Sumexheltsa, reported that the sit-in of five Nicola Valley chiefs would come to an end in an act of good faith, pending the outcome of the high-level meetings with the Province.

The sit-in by five Nicola Valley chiefs, as well as community representatives and supporters, began on April 15, and came more than one month after Indigenous community members first blocked waste-carrying trucks from entering an area west of Merritt.

Opponents of the bio-waste plan said the site is too near streams, drinking water sources and housing.

As the chair of the Peachland Water Protection Alliance (PWPA), on behalf of the PWPA, I have invited Aaron Sumexheltsa to speak at our June 24 meeting at the Little Schoolhouse. The invitation comes on the heels a presentation to Peachland council to truck bio-waste to Brenda Mines for alternate use.

The proponents of the plan say there is no risk to Peachland’s drinking water. I don’t believe in the tooth fairy and I don’t believe there is no risk. The people of Peachland are entitled to full transparency and full disclosure before the plan goes any further. If there are any positives in the plan to truck the bio-waste to Brenda Mines, such positives ought to be tested by neutral and fulsome science.

Jack Gerow, Peachland

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