Family celebrates birthday with personalized bat house

Darlene Hartford

Lyndsey Rosevear wanted a unique birthday gift to honour and pay tribute to her dad. Lyndsey says the Gasthaus Restaurant is a special place to them as a family because it represents laughter, family time and time off work. Jim Rosevear, Lyndsey’s dad, lives in Merritt and travels regularly to Peachland for boating on Okanagan Lake with family and friends. 

Every outing includes docking at the day wharf and enjoying lunch at the Gasthaus. Lyndsey likes to support community and give back where she can, and wanted to acknowledge BEEPS work in bat conservation. A personalized bat house showcasing the Rosevear name was mounted 12 feet above the restaurant’s front gate on an adjacent pine tree. Overhead lights above the gate were changed to the bat friendly colour, red, in consideration of the light adverse eyes of the myotis bat. 

Bat activity in the Beach Ave. downtown core is a familiar nightly sight and Gasthaus manager Andrew Neville was happy to accommodate Lyndsey’s kind gesture. The Gasthaus outdoor patio has previously been a haven to birds, also. When the patio was closed for two weeks during COVID restrictions, robins built a nest in the branches of a patio alcove while an owl was found perched undercover in one of the larger outdoor seating areas. Both sections were corded off for privacy from patrons until the eggs were hatched and both the chicks and owl flew off. The actions taken by both Lyndsey and the Gasthaus, exemplify practices of science citizens working towards a healthier ecosystem. Lyndsey says now her dad gets to deepen his knowledge about the cute little myotis and share with others the little slice of Peachland that he loves. 

Personalized bat houses include family or business name or logo, and can be ordered through BEEPS at

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