• Thursday , 1 December 2022

Suspension bridge and riding club upgrade, yes. More murals, no.

In my opinion a trail through Peachland is a great idea but why not finish what they started in 2009 as a Centennial project and complete the Centennial Walk to the Trepanier Bridge? It is a natural and would be money better spent, rather than on a waterpark with no parking nearby, particularly in the summer. It also follows the route of the Fur Brigade Trail. With the water park, where do businesses provide parking for their customers?

One of my favourite stimulus ideas on a world class scale would be a suspension bridge over the Trepanier canyon from the Tabletop Mountain development. It could kick start both that project and a nine-hole golf course on the South side. It would go between two municipal parks, it would promote tourism and local activity such as walking, hiking and cycling and is close to our greatest and biggest attraction, Pincushion Mountain.

Peachland has a 10-acre riding club that needs an upgrade with a field house for. Activities and sports, far better that $3 million plus for Turner Park and the riding club is already owned by the municipality.

Consider also linking and improving as a major attraction the Forestry Museum at Silver Lake. I bet most people don’t even know about it!

As for the mural idea, it was researched and considered in Jubilee year, 1984, and a visit was made to Chemainus, the mural town on Vancouver Island and it was not a good fit for Peachland; murals are overdone in small towns and a thing of the past. Only the first ones, if well done, are a success. They are very expensive, and the subject matter does not appeal to everyone. We have a mural and it looks shabby and is vandalized, not a thing to be promoted! 

How often have you ever seen anyone having their picture taken in front of the existing mural? I never have.

The true test of a good attraction is when visitors want to be associated with it by a picture.

Richard Smith, Peachland

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