Todd’s dock, park paving, and “poop Zamboni” get early budget approval

Heritage Park trail conection./Map District of Peachland

Joanne Layh

Peachland council granted early budget approval last Tuesday for three requests from community services: $5,000 for dock re-decking to the dock adjacent Todd’s RV & Camping; $78,685 for park paving; and $11,000 for a Tow and Collect “poop Zamboni” that will address the goose poop problem in some of Peachland’s parks.

The projects were brought before council for early budget approval so that staff can work toward completing them prior to the busy tourist season. 

The dock adjacent Todd’s RV & Camping sustained damage again in 2020 and is in need of repair. 

An engineer has inspected the dock and it is structurally sound, Cheryl Wiebe, director of community services, said in her report to council, adding that cost to repair the dock to its pre-flood condition is only $500 and therefore not worth seeking provincial recovery money. 

As the dock is built to a lower elevation than other lakeside docks, it is frequently subject to flooding and as such, staff recommended that the dock be re-decked with thru-flow decking at a cost of $5,000. 

“This product may eliminate the immediate need for dock replacement and may serve as a prototype for re-decking of other end of life docks,” said Wiebe.

“I think that for the Todd family, the immediate question is how quickly can I get this repaired so that my campers and my customers can enjoy the dock,” said Councillor Terry Condon. 

Wiebe said their intention is to repair it as soon as they can source the steel and thru-flow decking and permits.  

“Our goal is to have our construction in May and open for May long weekend,” said Wiebe.

Wiebe said she believes she can source the materials in the 45 days it takes to get the permitting.

“If we can’t, we’ll slap a $500 deck on that dock.” 

Five docks require replacement over the next few years, including two at the Princeton boat launch, and others near Todd’s, Buchanan and the Gasthaus.

Wiebe recommended that the two docks at the Princeton boat launch be replaced with floating structures and the other three docks be fixed in place similar to the ones replaced during the 2017 flood recovery. 

Council also gave early budget approval to park paving projects at Lambly Park and Heritage Park. 

In Heritage Park the paving project will include a new trail from the Ray Kandola Pier with connectivity through the splash pad the Duck and Pug property.

It could also include a potential improvement to both parking and pedestrian connectivity on the south end of Beach Avenue and as part of the infill of the Duck and Pug site, there will be an opportunity to install approximately 14 new angled parking spaces along Beach, Wiebe said. 

The new pathway could potentially be extended to connect to an existing pathway just past the Blind Angler restaurant where a new crosswalk would be installed across Beach Avenue to allow for easier access to the existing bus stop and the tunnel to Princeton Avenue.

A section of the Lambly trail also needs attention after it was removed to eliminate trip hazards caused by significant heaving due to tree roots. 

Lastly, council approved $11,000 for a Tow and Collect “poop Zamboni” to address the goose poop problem and increase cleanliness in Peachland’s parks.

“Originally designed for farms, the Tow and Collect provides a constant sweeping motion of the grass lifting manure or goose poop,” said Wiebe. 

The Tow and Collect can be attached to existing parks machinery, such as the tractor.

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